Company of Iron Narrative League for Warmahordes

February 24, 2016

31028_GunMageCaptainAdept_WEBIf you’re a fan of fantasy or sci-fi military fiction, while you’ve thrilled to the epic clashes of massive armies, you probably find the smaller squad-action events even more exciting.  Whether it’s Croaker and One-eye leading a band of hand-picked soldiers to ambush the Howler, or Whiskeyjack and Fiddler orchestrating another sneaky infiltration by the Bridgeburners, the smaller, more focused action tends to hum with greater tension and excitement.  These episodes let our favorite grunts and ne’er-do-wells enjoy a moment in the spotlight even as it puts them at greatest risk.

Privateer Press is bringing that action to Warmahordes this spring with a single-season Narrative League called “Company of Iron.”  This league is dialed down to a more individual focus in all details.  Instead of lasting four seasons, Company of Iron is only a single, six-week season long.  The battles will also involve smaller model counts.  According to Organized Play Developer William Hungerford, “This new league focuses on famous platoons of soldiers—specific groups of models—that you take control of to play in various asymmetrical Attacker/Defender scenarios.”

What will make Company of Iron unique among Warmahordes organized play is an optional format that allows you to play without a warnoun.  Removing warcasters and warlocks from the game gives Warmhordes a very different feel, and I’m very much looking forward to seeing how that works.

If you’ve been thinking about giving Warmahordes a try, this is a good time to jump in.  With Company of Iron, you can hit the ground running with a smaller force than normal and try playing without the warnouns.  If you’re an experienced player, Company of Iron gives you a chance to try out a different faction for very little buy-in.

You can get all the details for Company of Iron on Privateer Press’ website.  Once Company of Iron begins, you can play it at any time up until the new narrative league begins.  Since things kick off in March (less than a month away!), you’ll want to start organizing your forces now.  Here are the platoon organizations for each faction:

Cygnar: The Saints of Corvis
One unit of Arcane Tempest Gun Mages (PIP 31086)
One minimum unit of Trencher Commandos (PIP 31064)
One Gun Mage Captain Adept (PIP 31028)

Protectorate: The Blade of Vengeance
One unit of Knights Exemplar (PIP 32082)
One unit of Daughters of the Flame (PIP 32046)
One Knights Exemplar Seneschal (PIP 32028)

Khador: The Fel Twelve
One unit of Widowmakers (PIP 33014)
One unit of Doom Reavers (PIP 33017)
One Widowmaker Marksman (PIP 33071)
One Manhunter (PIP 33016)

Cryx: The Black Heart Raiders
One maximum unit of Black Ogrun Boarding Party (PIP 34046)
One minimum unit of Satyxis Blood Witches with a Satyxis Blood Hag unit attachment  (PIP 34072 and PIP 34073)
One Satyxis Raider Captain (PIP 34074)

Retribution: The Spectres of Ios
One unit of House Shyeel Battle Mages (PIP 35012)
One Ghost Sniper (PIP 35021)
One Dawnguard Scyir (PIP 35020)
One Aspis (PIP 35035)

Convergence of Cyriss: Operation 35
Two units of Clockwork Angels (PIP 36003)
Three Elimination Servitors (PIP 36027)
Three Reflex Servitors (PIP 36023)
One Steelsoul Protector (PIP 36012)

Mercenaries: The Elsinberg Heist
One unit of Tactical Arcanist Corps (PIP 41102)
One minimum unit of Kayazy Assassins with a Kayazy Assassin Underboss Attachment (PIP 33098 and PIP 42012)
One unit of Kayazy Eliminators (PIP 33074)

Trollbloods: The Thornwood’s Memory
One unit of Trollkin Scouts (PIP 71048)
One minimum unit of Pyg Bushwhackers (PIP 71082)
One Stone Scribe Chronicler (PIP 71029)

Circle Orboros: The Scars of Caen
One unit of Tharn Bloodweavers (PIP 72039)
One unit of Druid Stoneward & Woldstalkers (PIP 72041)
One Blackclad Wayfarer (PIP 72028)
Two War Wolves (PIP 72040)

Skorne: The Suffering
One unit of Paingiver Bloodrunners (PIP 74042)
One Paingiver Bloodrunner Master Tormentor (PIP 74041)
One Mortitheurge Willbreaker (PIP 74073)
Two Void Spirits (PIP 74044)

Legion of Everblight: The Dream of Everblight
One minimum unit of Blighted Nyss Legionnaires (PIP 73077)
One Beast Mistress (PIP 73074)
Two Shredders in the Beast Mistress’ battlegroup (PIP 73004)
One Strider Deathstalker (PIP 73039)

Minions: The Krewe of Croak
One maximum unit of Croak Raiders (PIP 75061)
Two Croak Hunters (PIP 75026)
One Gatorman Witch Doctor (PIP 75040)


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