Free Comic Book Day 2017

May 4, 2017

Free Comic Book Day is the always the first Saturday in May, which means it’s this coming Saturday! Every Dragon’s Lair Comics and Fantasy® location is taking part, as always. There will be an array of free comics from industry stalwarts like DC, Marvel, and Dark Horse. There’s silly comics, dramatic comics, and, of course, super-hero comics. Free Comic Book Day is a great way to learn about new comics or check out popular titles you’ve been interested in.

Of course, it’s not just comics. There will be cosplayers and special events as well. Artists like John Picacio, Amanda Kirk, Alfredo Lopez Jr., Brian Denham, and Rod Espinosa (of The Courageous Princess fame) will be on hand to sign autographs and talk with fans. Austin will have snow cones and bouncy houses. The Houston store will have free cookies from The Great American Cookie Company, guest artists, face painting and much more!

Traditionally, Free Comic Book Day has been a chance for the big publishers to “sneak-peek” new books and for smaller publishers to draw attention to their most promising titles. Be aware that Free Comic Book Day is very much a while-supplies-last sort of thing, so be sure to get to your Dragon’s Lair Comics and Fantasy® early if there’s a book in particular that you’re interested in.


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