GenCon 2017: Thursday

August 17, 2017

Our first day started off with a bang! Not only did I get to interview the amazing Liz Danforth (look for more on her soon), I got my first wander through only part of the great Dealers Hall. As always, it’s a massive collection of gaming goodness.

Port Royal is an upcoming game from our friends at Steve Jackson Games.  Early buzz on this game is extremely positive.

There were lots of great miniatures displays.  This one for Corvus Belli: Infinity was especially eye-catching for its use of vertical space.

Of course, Games Workshop is here as well with their well-known games.

The folks who made Exploding Kitten were there. They had this hilarious booth where you could buy the game by interacting with an “automated” kiosk that was clearly a person holding up signs on wooden sticks and shoving things out of a slot.

Finally, one of the most anticipated RPGs of GenCon this year.  This is all the copies of the core book in the US at this time, but more are on their way.  If you haven’t gotten your pre-orders in for it yet, now is the time to do so!



September 1, 2022

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