Dragons Sighted in Alamo Ranch!

January 15, 2018

Alamo Ranch Grand Opening!
January 19th through the 21st

Your newest Dragon’s Lair Comics and Fantasy® is in the Alamo Ranch neighborhood of San Antonio. Boasting 2,900 square feet of comics, gaming, and play-space goodness, the new store spreads the geeky fun to more corners of Texas.

The mother-and-son team behind the new store, Estrella and Raul, hail from Spain. You might not realize what a strong gaming scene Spain has, especially in RPGs. Both Estrella and Raul have been gamers since childhood, starting with their families and growing circles of friends through the fun of games. Raul recalls encountering Battletech when he was eight years old in the basement of friends of his parents. Those same friends later gifted Raul with the Black Box D&D set on his birthday. “And from there,” says Raul, “it was game on!”

Estrella is especially excited by the power of games to bring people together. “The greatest of times are when you are together with family and friends having a great time, bonding, and laughing,” she says. The hectic pace of modern life sometimes leads people, unknowingly, into lives of solitude. She sees the stores and the community they foster as “a chance for people to have interactions that are positive and bring people together.”

Towards that end, you can expect the Alamo Ranch Dragon’s Lair Comics and Fantasy® store to be a welcoming place for gamers of all stripes, well stocked and staffed by friendly people who play the games and read the comics they carry. Swing by and see what they have to share during their grand opening this weekend.



We’ll have cosplayers all day as well as the artist Rob Navarro. The photo booth will be open from noon until 5 PM and a balloon artist will be on site from 6 until 9 PM. In addition, be sure to drop by for the following game demos:

Noon-6pm Renegade Games demo

6pm-10pm Steve Jackson Demo

6pm-10pm Star Wars Destiny Demo


The fun continues with more cosplayers and the Countdown City Geekcast podcast crew. The photo booth will be open from noon to 5 PM and we’ll have a balloon artist from 1 PM to 5 PM. In addition to CMON game demos all day, we’ll have the following gaming demos as well:

12pm- 8pm Star Wars Destiny Demo

12pm – 4pm Passport Games de

4pm-8pm Star Wars Destiny Draft


The CMON demos continue all day on Sunday. In addition to the photo booth being open from noon until 5 and more balloon art from 2 PM to 6 PM, the artist Gio will be on site from noon until 5 PM. We’ll also be demoing the Star Wars X-Wing game from 3 PM until 8 PM.


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