GenCon 2019 – Unleash Pathfinder 2.0!

August 1, 2019

GenCon 2019 is happening now and your roving reporter is on the scene to bring you the word of the new and upcoming games you’ll find in your neighborhood Dragon’s Lair Comics and Fantasy® over the next few months.  While for most folks GenCon is “the best four days in gaming,” for educators and industry insiders, it’s five days with Trade Day happening on Wednesday.  We were able to get the skinny on Pathfinder 2.0.  The Core Rulebook, out today at GenCon, has all the rules you need to play the game, including the GM’s material.  We’ll have more details on this book and Bestiary soon.

The official setting for Pathfinder 2.0 is the Age of Lost Omens.  The Lost Omens World Guide gives us 10 regions, a character Archetype for every regions, plus 70 backgrounds (which is more than come in the Core Rulebook.)  The Lost Omens Character Guide follows in October with new ancestries (each with additional feats) and organizations the PCs can join.  In January, we’ll bet Lost Omens Gods and Magic, which details the hundreds of gods worshipped.  We’ll get domains, feats, and spells that will allow us to customize our characters based on their faith, some of which are available to all classes and not just clerics.

The Gamemastery Guide will follow in January.  Seeing as how there is now a wealth of how-to-GM information on the web, this book is much less how-to and much more tools for use when actually running the game.  It’ll include guidelines for creating your own monsters, subsystems like chase rules, research, and vehicle combat, and include “a big bank” of NPC statblocks.

The next few months will also bring us a Critical Hit Deck (September), a Critical Fumble Deck (October), and in November we’ll get a box of stand-up pawns covering every critter in the Bestiary.  In December, we’ll be getting Bestiary Battle Cards, with a picture of the monster on one side and the stat block on the reverse for the GM. 

Keep your eyes on this blog!  We’ll soon have reports about the first official third-party D&D book (Acquisitions Incorporated) and the cool things it does for your D&D game.  I also got a sneak peek at some of the games HABA is releasing at the Essen game fair this year.  And you better believe I’m going to find out what’s up with R. Talsorian’s Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit!


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