GAMA Expo 2020!

March 12, 2020

It’s that time once again (though this year it’s an Expo instead of a Trade Show). We’re in Reno once more, where all your favorite game makers show off the cool and exciting coming in the rest of the year. Let’s take a look at what caught our eye.

WizKids had some of the coolest things to see at the show this year. You’ll be hearing a lot more about their WarLock dungeon tiles, but for me the coolest was this glowing, color-changing LED magical circle.

WizKids’ Sapphire Dragon. They’re coming out with a whole new range of massive adult dragons.

Got to play this adorable game of magic-school kittens who’ve unleashed a bevy of curses. Can they put them back before Professor Whiskers catches them and sends them to detention? We were successful this time.

After a hard day helping you play fun games, Meeples like nothing better than to gather together for a fun party.
They’re BAAAAAaaaaaaaack!
An RPG where every PC is a princess with a sword, a crown, and an animal friend!

And this is only a taste of the very cool stuff we saw today. Expect to hear a lot more about our GAMA Expo adventures soon.


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