PSA About Shipping as the Holidays Approach

October 21, 2021

There’s a serious crunch in international supply chains right now.  If you’ve ever played a game of Settlers of Catan where nobody ever rolls the number to make brick, you know exactly what things are like; you’re completely ready to finish a stretch of road or upgrade a settlement, but it just can’t be done!  That’s what’s happening in international manufacturing and shipping right now.  Ships waiting outside harbors in California are being diverted to harbors in the State of Washington that can help a little bit, but just are not set up to handle the capacity.  Once the ships finally get offloaded, there’s a shortage of truckers to move them through the country.  Because the ships are stuck off the coast, the shipping containers on them are not at the factories to be loaded up with products.  And a ship waiting to offload cargo from China isn’t available to load up on cargo from Europe. 

Shipping containers
Cargo ship photographed in the Puget Sound, waiting to offload in Seattle.

What does this mean for you?  It means that if you’ve got your eye on a particular game for the holidays, either for yourself or as a gift, the time to get it is NOW!  If it’s available now, you want to secure your copy before the rush starts.  If it needs to be ordered, you want to be sure your name is the front of the list. 

The folks at your local Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy® will do all we can to get you the games you want this holiday season, but we can’t make ships sail faster or conjure more teamsters or retool factories.  If the stars fail to line up properly for your holiday dreams to come true on schedule, we also have gift cards that can be used for when the game you want finally arrives.  Either way, this is the year to get a head-start on your holiday shopping.  Call us today so we can get things rolling for you.


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